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Gill's Agro Industries are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Automobile components, Agriculture parts, Forged Harvester Fingers, Forged Scaffolding and Couplers, Railway Fasteners, Earth Moving Parts, JCB Components, Forged Bolts Nuts Fasteners, Eye Bolts, Customized Steel forgings Components etc. The Management includes S. Davinder Singh Gill, the founder of Gill's Agro Industries and their two sons S. Inderpal Singh Gill & S. Pritpal Singh Gill.

Gill's Agro Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of forging components producing the finest quality of forging parts. We provide one stop solution to cater to all your forging needs. With an alluring reputation for quality products, we are fully equipped to carry our reputation as


Gills Agro Industries Manufacturing and dispatch of hot forged, heat treated parts and equipment. Gills Agro Industries has rich experience in hot forging technology. For this purpose, we have upgraded our existing forging technology to work with a variety of raw materials, parts of varying sizes and complexities and modern processes and automation. We forge components and assemblies in ferrous materials like plain carbon steel, alloy steels, and stainless steel. We are trusted supplier of forged products for a variety of customers in industries like automotive, construction, power generation, marine, agriculture, earth moving, railway, and industrial goods. Our forging capabilities include hot, warm and cold forging & in-house heat treatment as well as machining in India.


Gills Agro Industries India is one of the leading manufacturers of ready to assemble forgings components. Our products are made as per client's requirement using Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel. We have major exports of forged and machine components to United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic and many others.

Gills Agro Industries are used with complete confidence worldwide in construction industries. Our Forged Scaffolding Products ranges are Swivel Couplers, PC Swivel Couplers, Board Retaining Couplers, Dual Coupler Right Angle, Dual Coupler Swivel, Grave Loc Couplers, Forged Coupler, Drop Forged Double Coupler, Drop Forged Fitting, Drop Forged Girder Coupler Forged Grave Loc Coupler Swivel, Corrosion Resistant Scaffolding, Metal Tube Scaffolding Systems, Pressed Right Angle Couplers, Pressed Board Retaining Coupler, Electroplated Double Couplers, Pressed Double Couplers, Grave Lock Coupler, PC Pressed Double Couplers and Pressed Swivel Couplers etc. As a leading manufacturer of Closed Die Steel Forgings, Machined Forgings and Sheet Metal Stampings, we are supplying our products to major Domestic & Global Automotive and Agro OEMs in India and Abroad.


Gill's Agro Industries has been investing in state of art facilities and our forging and machining parts are comparable to the best in the industry. Gill's Agro Industries is one of the most innovative and fascinating companies to emerge and we are proud to claim that all our products meets highest international standards since they are constructed with expertise. Each of our product manufactured is as per the customers specification and a result of our dedication. We are dedicated to success, readily accepting new technologies and constantly improving our products. We have realized a well rounded manufacturing process from the design to the final product.

Vision & Mission

"To be pioneer and leading manufacturer in Forging Industry by providing one-stop solution for forged product with high quality through perfection and innovation by maintaining leadership position in business."

Our competence and experience have enabled the Company to successfully develop and acquire respectable reputation at domestic and foreign market. At the same time, the Company has further promoted its activities by applying the latest technical achievements and modern technologies in order to reach a leading position in forging manufacturing industry.

Products Range

We are one of the leading manufacturer of all types of Close Die Steel Forgings i.e Agriculture Parts, Forged Harvester Fingers, Automotive Components, Transmission/Pole Line Parts, Bright Bar, Forging Fasteners Items bolts nuts, Eye Bolts, Forged Flanges & Pipe Fittings, Earth Mover Parts, Forged JCB components, Auto Parts Forging, Forged Tractor Parts, Scaffoldings & Couplers, Ledger Blade, Bottom Cup, Top Cup, Forged Fingers, Forged Gears, Automobile Parts, Yoke, and as per sample or, as per customer's specifications. The company is having all in-house facilities to support its operations with modern machines. The unit is equipped with latest techniques & qualified staff to cater the needs of its customers.

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